The Best Place To Start

Hey there fellow horse loving friend, we’re grateful you’re here! 

You only get ONE chance to live with and experience your horse. Even if you have a whole herd of them…. your time to love, cherish, enjoy, and care for each unique, individual horse is RIGHT NOW.

And there is NO ONE that knows how to care for your horse better than you do, even if you’re not feeling so confident about it in this moment

It’s likely that you’ve been wanting to provide more natural care for your horse for awhile now…

You feel the tug and deep knowing there are better ways to keep, feed, and be with your horse.

In fact the consequences if you don’t make the changes you innately know need to be made are inevitable, your horse might already be experiencing them now, from a long list of health conditions.

Or it could be that you see it in the lack luster, suffering horses all around you and you don’t want that life for your horse….

The amazing thing is, you can empower yourself now and change the path for your horse if you want to.

Versus wait until it’s too late and live with the regret of what you could’ve or should’ve done while you had the chance

Ultimately the decision is up to you… 

But where do you need to start and what do you need to do?

Here at Equine Essential Wellness we empower you in establishing a foundation of health for your horse. Just like your home needs solid ground to stand on, so does your horse’s health. 

We are here to walk you through the lifestyle, care, and nutrition your horse needs to maintain or recover health. Don’t be fooled in thinking you have been taught this information before or that your equine professional has the answers you need. 

Sadly, your trainer, body worker, farrier, or even your vet has likely NOT been taught this framework for health. Because what is currently taught is often paid for and provided by feed companies or product manufacturers whose mission isn’t health… 

Additionally, most things taught about horse health, are focused on disease management or masking concerns. It’s a prime example why so many horses are struggling. What you focus on magnifies… so it’s time to focus and magnify HEALTH

Once you have a solid foundation and you’re using the framework of health we teach it’s time to customize and embellish health and care to your horse’s specific needs and preferences

Because although a solid foundation and framework is crucial it’s the details that take your horse’s health to the next level! 

Think back again to the house analogy… it’s not a home when all you see is the foundation and framework right?

It’s the walls, roof, windows, doors, and furnishings that make it a home.

The customization is what many programs and approaches leave out, but that’s where the exuberance and vibrant health comes from. At least if you want the results to last long term.

The best place to get started is the Horse Health Hub. 

This online reference and community is an extensive, continually expanding library of simple, easy to search resources on all things natural health for your horse

This searchable, global wealth of experience and expertise is all at your fingertips, when you become an exclusive Horse Health Hub Member!

Gone are the days of searching through piles of magazines, stacks of books, or various websites… being left on your own to sort out the conflicting facts and opinions, and trying to interpret what it all means and how it relates to your horse and situation. 

Inside the Horse Health Hub we show you how your horse’s body and health speaks to you, so you can individualize and customize their care in the moment to what THEY need

That might sound intimidating and daunting… but it’s actually simple and easy to do. We have a step by step plan we call “The Journey To Health” that we are going to share with you inside the Horse Health Hub. 

That’s it… our mission and vision in a nutshell. To quickly, effectively, affordably, and naturally as possible help you improve the quality of your horse’s health and life.

Get started today with the Horse Health Hub and see the amazing things to come for you and your horse!

Don’t wait another day, putting your horse at increased risk for health concerns. Take action now. See all the details, success stories, and FAQ’s when you use the link above.