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We are here to help you make a confident decision on the next right step for you!

If your question isn’t addressed below… Please reach out to the Core Wellness Coach you’re working with.

Questions Specific To:

The Core Wellness Team

Yes. In order to join and remain a Core Wellness Team Member, you must be an active LifeVantage Distributor.

What sets the Core Wellness Team apart are the benefits that partnering with LifeVantage provides.

  • Time Freedom
  • Leveraged Income
  • Personal Freedom
  • Mentorship
  • Community


The options to be a wellness coach anywhere else will most certainly be void of at least one or two of these factors!

You will have access to a wealth of tools, training, coaching, and resources. Inside the Core Wellness Team, active members are eligible for one on one coaching support from Angie Wells and other amazing experienced Wellness Coaches. You can also take advantage of:

  • Done for you. Ready to implement Social Media Plan and Posts
  • A step by step strategy to making consistent income
  • The Core Wellness Coaches Facebook Group (where our coaches connect)
  • Access to monthly team calls
  • Exclusive mentorship and training on Principles of Naturopathy to solidify your belief and understanding in natural health. 
  • Use of the Discover Core Wellness Facebook Group for sharing with leads and customers
  • Share the Core Wellness Website and Blog Content
  • Be Featured on the Core Wellness Coach Page

This is at no additional cost to you. These benefits are available to active Core Wellness Team Members.

**FYI BONUS -With LifeVanatge you get a custom LifeVantage website link as an active distributor.

Raise Your Awareness

As you explore the answers to your questions… Take a moment and review the questions you have.

Observe and notice without judgment, are your questions abundance based or limitation based.

A major focus and benefit of the Core Wellness Team is the Mentorship and Community. Within this space we will elevate above and beyond strategy and the “how to” of business.

The truth is the only limitations you currently have in your life and your business are the ones you place on yourself.

We are here to empower each other to rise above the norm. To step up into what we are created to be, so that we can change the world.

Questions Specific To:

Being A LifeVantage Distributor

The most effective way to join LifeVantage as a Distributor is through an enrollment pack.

Because they vary from country to country, it’s best to view the most recent packs through the LifeVantage website.

> Click Here to view the options 

Be sure to select your market (country) with the toggle on the top of the page.

The Core Wellness Team Member you’re working with can quickly get these options for you as well.


Quick awareness check: You are starting a business. A business that has truly unlimited income potential, time freedom, and even offers a willable asset at the Elite levels.

From that awareness let’s explore the monthly commitment.

To remain active you must maintain a personal monthly subscription order of 40 PV per month.

PV stands for personal volume. Each product has a QV commissionable volume assigned to it. For example, 1 bottle of Protandim NRF2 has a QV of 40…

So if you have a monthly subscription order of 1 bottle of Protandim, you meet the requirement to remain active.

To maximize the compensation and start earning money, you must have 100 – 199 PV.

Understand that PV includes your personally enrolled customers and distributors.

If you work with your Core Wellness Team Mentor and are coachable they will help you achieve this goal in your first 30 days!

You can access the FULL compensation plan on the LifeVantage website anytime.

Mentor Tip – Don’t seek to understand the whole plan. The most important thing to do is work with your mentor and learn the comp plan through experiencing it and getting paid.

>> Click Here to review the whole comp plan

Because LifeVantage is a publicly-traded company there is transparency in what is paid out on average at each rank.

When you applied to join our team you were asked what your income goal per week or month was.

Your Core Wellness Team Mentor will guide you to achieving that goal by utilizing this Earnings Income Statement.

> Click Here to view

Don’t get wrapped up in overwhelm of how to achieve your goals. We will guide you every step of the way.

The LifeVantage website has a vast amount of information about the company on their website!

>> Click Here to learn more

If there is something specific you wish to learn please reach out to the Core Wellness Team member who shared this page with you.

The most common highlights:

  • LifeVantage is a publicly-traded company – NASDAQ – LFVN
  • The company is debt-free

The LifeVantage website has extensive product and ingredient details available and at your fingertips…

And front and center for your future customers as well. 

>> Click here and be sure your country’s market is selected

As a LifeVantage Distributor, you will get your own personal website link at no additional charge!

LifeVantage also has its products listed on the ThinkDirty app, revealing some health-conscious scores!

Real science from third-party sources can be found by searching “Protandim” on public

It's Okay To Feel Afraid

Your goals, dreams, and deepest desires are waiting for you on the opposite side of your comfort zone.

Growing a business can be a challenge, takes hard work, and requires courage.

But here on the Core Wellness Team, we believe that what’s most important is building a business you align with, that elevates you and those you work with, and that drives you to a flow and peace that is not pursued in most traditional models and industries.

Questions Specific To:

Your Experience & Skills

Let’s be real about what it means when someone says “I’m not a salesperson”…

It really means we don’t want to manipulate, push, or convince others to do or buy things.

The good news is we don’t want you to be a salesperson.

The truth is sales is the result of solving a problem.

We empower our Core Wellness Team to talk to people and offer a solution if they spot a problem they can solve.

The person you share with either chooses what you offer as the solution or they don’t!

You can improve your skills in problem-solving or communicating what problems you solve, but it’s not your responsibility to “get” anyone to “do or buy” anything.

That’s a solvable problem… If you are open and coachable our Core Wellness Team Mentors and Community will help you discover and explore options of meeting and talking to new people. Most importantly in a way that aligns with you and your personality.

Don’t be fooled… In order to build ANY type of business you MUST talk to people!

Even if you’re introverted or don’t consider yourself a people person. This isn’t a skill or action you can skip and expect to become successful.

But if you’re willing to get outside your comfort zone and try new things. Our team has the experience in various successful ways to find great people to talk to!

No one has more time. We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

Successful people choose to prioritize their time. 

Anyone can choose to make building a business a priority.

If you will carve out even 1 hour per day, 5 days per week you can begin to build a business as a Core Wellness Team Member.

When you find yourself saying you don’t have time or you’re short on time… Recognize it as an excuse from your brain. Reframe that statement to “I choose not to make it a priority with my time.”

And if building a business is something you wish to make a priority, your Core Wellness Team Mentor can help you explore your schedule and pinpoint where you can carve out focused time for simple income-producing activities.

This approach to time will serve you better.

Mindset is the real reason most people don’t choose to build a LifeVantage business.

Sure people will say it’s because it’s network marketing, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money, I need to wait until the beginning of the year, I need to wait until Summer, etc.

Those reasons are RARELY why people choose not to join.

It’s the self-doubt, fear of judgment, fear of rejection, fear of not being enough, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown, and overall uncertainty that causes people to say no.

Inside the Core Wellness Team, we value and shine a light on what is happening in the mind.

We partner with the top mindset coach in the industry to help you take control of your brain and the thoughts that shape your reality. 

As a Core Wellness Team Member, you are equipped with amazing tools and techniques that will transform how you view yourself. This will have a ripple effect in all areas of your life and the results are often beyond words and priceless!

Shine Your Light

Can you shine your light, build a business, and be successful without being part of the Core Wellness Team?


But if you see the life-changing potential within the amazing LifeVantage products and the freedom that can be generated from the business model, then you can clearly see that our team serves to magnify that light and multiply the impact you can have.

We are here to answer your questions! If you still have a few lingering, please reach out to the Core Wellness Team Member who shared this page with you.

What happens next?


Step 1

Reach out to the Core Wellness Coach that shared this page with you for any additional questions.


Step 2

Make a decision to be ALL IN or all out.

Trying or “dipping your toes in” will set you up for failure!


Step 3

Stay plugged in and connected to the tools and resources provided, take action, grow, and achieve your goals and dreams!

“I don't need easy, I just need possible”

Bethany Hamilton